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Dedicated to Strengthening Nonprofits

All Hands On Deck

I’ve spent the last 20 years working in the nonprofit sector on issues ranging from domestic violence, to affordable housing, to access in higher education. If those experiences have taught me anything, it’s that the challenges in our communities require an all-hands-on-deck effort.

Helping Leaders Transform Organizations

I help executive leaders and board members create an organization where people love coming to work, where fundraising is fully embraced, and where board members are deeply engaged.

Solid Planning. Data Driven. Effective Results.

I design practical and strategic plans to support you in getting you from where you are to where you want to go. And I’m there to support you in bringing those plans to life. Getting stuck happens, and I’m an expert at how to keep the momentum going.

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My Approach

I work alongside you, develop an in-depth understanding of your unique culture, mission, and programs. I’m hands-on, strategic, thoughtful, energetic, caring, and fun to work with.

Client Centered & Empathetic

I sincerely care about each of my clients. The client sets the agenda. Together, we have collaborative, goal oriented conversations.

The Power of Questions

I believe powerful questions are the real catalysts to change.

Genuine Curiosity

I seek to understand and value different perspectives. There are many paths to the same end.

Doing is More Than Knowing

I acknowledge the gap between knowing and doing. I help you move out of knowing into doing.

Abundance & Possibility

I focus on clients’ assets and strengths emphasizing untapped potential.

Joy Matters

We can take our work seriously without taking ourselves seriously. Teams that have fun together get better results.

I design solutions that aren’t just talk;
they make a real impact.

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Bringing Together the Best Minds


I believe deeply in the power of collaboration. For every project, I curate a custom, interdisciplinary team and provide the oversight for flawless execution. Your team is lean and cost effective, and eliminates the need for your organization to engage multiple firms across a range of functions.

I bring together the best minds who can challenge old assumptions, point to new solutions, and execute with care.

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